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EB sport Law & Consultancy

EB Sport Law & Consultancy is an experienced international sport law and consulting firm established and headed by Efraim Barak. The firm specializes in international sport law and provides sport’s institutional consultancy and legal advice to sports stakeholders worldwide. The firm also provides services in the field of technology-sourcing that involves, due to the nature of this field, legal and practical knowledge in the sport industry. 
The firm is also widely involved in the establishment and directing of sport law & sport management educational programs.

Efraim Barak

Efraim Barak was born in Argentina (1957) but leaves most of his life (since 1964) in Israel, where he grew and was educated. He completed his law degree in the Tel Aviv University in 1987. On same year he became member of the Israeli BAR.

Efraim is also an Honorary Member of the BAR of Buenos Aires and holds a Master’s degree honoris causa in International Sports law (ISDE, 2009).

Adv. Barak started his law career as a lawyer in 1987 with D.Mirkin & Co., Advocates & Notaries. Over the years he became a senior partner as well as the managing partner of the firm. He maintained this position until his retirement from the firm at the end of 2017.

As part of his practice, he was for many years the legal adviser to important commercial clients, he specialized in labor & administrative law and also advised to leading cultural institutions in Israel such as Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance & Theater, The Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv and the Israeli Opera as well as a variety of other cultural organizations and NGO’s.

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Along the years of his practice in law he has gained vast legal experience in culture, arts & management law, labor law, health-care law, arbitration and litigation. As the senior partner at that firm he founded and headed the sports law department. Sport Law, and in particular International sport law thus became his main field of expertise.

On 2018, he moved to establish his own firm, Efraim Barak Sport Law & Consultancy, to deal exclusively with sports law and institutional sports consultancy, with a special focus on international sports law.

He has practiced sports law for more than 25 years and has substantial practical experience in advising and representing athletes, clubs and sports organizations nationally and internationally. For the past 16 years he has been involved in many academic activities and has been invited to speak at congresses and seminars on sports law worldwide. In between 2014 & 2017 he was the General Counsel of the Israel Football Association and in 2019 he was appointed the General Counsel of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). Since 2015 he is a member of the Legal Committee of UEFA and on 2022 he was appointed 1st. Vice-Chair of the committee.

As a CAS arbitrator since 2005 and by the end of 2022, he has been appointed to deal with more than 380 sport-related arbitrations (including as president of the panels and as sole arbitrator). Within his role as a CAS arbitrator, he has been a member and president of panels in high-profile cases, and dealt with a variety of different topics in the field of sports and sports law, such as governance and regulatory matters, commercial and employment disputes, media rights disputes, and disciplinary matters including doping cases, match-fixing cases and others. In his work he has covered all matters related to sports law.

Efraim Barak was also a member of the CAS Ad Hock Division to the Olympic Games in London 2012 and the CAS Anti-Doping Ad Hoc Division to the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Efraim Barak is a Professor of Sport law and member of the faculty in many academic institutions worldwide. In such capacity he is widely involved for many years in the establishment and directing of educational and worldwide academic activities and programs in sport law & sport management.

Efraim Barak is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

  • CAS (Court of Arbitration for sport, Lausanne, Switzerland) Arbitrator - since 2005

  • Member of the CAS Ad Hock Division for the Olympic Games in London 2012

  • Member of the CAS Anti-Doping Ad Hoc Division for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

  • Member (since 2015) and 1st. Vice- Chairmen (since 2019) of the Legal Committee of UEFA.

  • Ex-Panel member at the International Panel of Arbitrator at Sport Resolutions (UK) International Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators (2018-2021).

  • Co-founder of the RexSport Association and member of the Board and Treasurer 

  • Co-Founder of the RexSport Academy (The academic and educational arm of RexSport)

  • Ex-Member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF)

  • Member of the Israel BAR since 1987

  • Honorary Member of the BAR of Buenos Aires (2008)

  • General Counsel and Head of the legal department at the Israeli football association (2014-2017)

  • Judge at the Supreme Court of the Israel Basketball Association (2009-2010)

  • Co-author of the book "Credit Cards, Legal and Practical Aspects" (1997, together with Advocate A. Friedman)

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