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Sports Lawyer 

Mr. Barak has been practicing Sports law for more than 25 years. Throughout his career, he has gained substantial practical experience in advising and representing athletes, clubs and sport organizations of national and international level.
Within his activity as a Sport lawyer both in the domestic and the international field, Efraim Barak dealt with most of the topics related to Sport law such as:

  • Governmental Authorities – sport organizations relations

  • Sport Organizations' Governance - including statutes and regulations drafting

  • Athletes & Clubs relations

  • Collective Athletes – sport organizations relations

  • Domestic & International Transfers

  • Disciplinary proceedings involving athletes and/or clubs in all aspects including doping & match fixing matters

  • Media/TV Rights & Image Rights

  • Sport Financing

  • Sponsorship

  • Fan Engagement

  • Fans & Clubs relations

  • Issues related to eligibility to participate in sports events 

  • Sport disputes litigation

Sports Lawyer 

CAS Arbitrator

Efraim Barak has been a CAS Arbitrator since 2005. By the end of 2022, he had been appointed either as party appointed arbitrator or Sole Arbitrator or President of the Panels in more than 380 sports related arbitration cases. 
Within his activity as a CAS Arbitrator he was member and a president of panels in well-known cases, including cases with high public profile and importance. Those cases covered a wide range of issues such as:


  • Governance and Regulatory matters

  • Commercial & Employment disputes

  • Media Rights disputes

  • Disciplinary matters including Doping cases

  • Match-Fixing cases 

CAS Arbitrator

Sports Consultancy

Based on the long existing and wide range of activities, as well as the positions that Efraim Barak held during the years, the firm provides a wide range of consultancy services not only in Sport law but also in sport management, good governance and in the interaction field of sport and technologies, which is an expending a growing industry.

Sports Consultancy

Congresses and Seminars

Mr. Barak is often invited as a speaker in congresses and seminars worldwide on legal and practical aspects of Sports, sport management, governance and good practices in sport organizations.

In 2002, Mr. Barak co-founded RexSport, an international organization with its headquarters in Barcelona, whose members are sports law practitioners from all over the world.

RexSport’s vision is to promote International Sports Law in an academic level, to develop educational programs of sports law and to encourage exchange of knowledge in this field. That vision is being fulfilled by establishing and directing sport law programs and seminars as well as by supporting assisting young sport lawyers in performing periods of internships with well-known sport law firms and sport institutions. 

Congresses and seminars
Academic Activity

During the last 16 years Mr. Barak has been involved in a large number of academic and educational activities.

Within his activities at RexSport he was one of the founders of the "RexSport Academy", which is the educational department of the organization and is one of the heads of the academic and educational activities of RexSport which includes, except of establishing Sport Law programs, also the organization of Conferences, Seminars and workshops on Sport Law matters.

Efraim Barak is currently the Co-Academic Director and one of the founders of the SSBM (Geneva) Program in Spot Law and legal aspects of Sport management. 
He was one of the founders and the Academic Director and professor for over 12 years of the two ISDE Master programs in International Sports Law in Madrid where he continues teaching as a leading Professor). 


He was the Academic Director and professor at the semi on-line program for International Sports Law in Cardenal Herrera University (CEU) in Valencia and is currently a professor and co-director of the full-time executive master program in Sport law at the CEU university in Madrid.

For several years he was an Adjunct Professor and member of Faculty in the LLM Degree for International Sports Law in St. John’s University, New York 

Since 2015 he has been invited on a regular basis as a Guest lecturer in the Course of Advanced Studies Program for International Sports Law in Zurich University.

Since 2018 he Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire, The Franklin Pierce School of law teaching at the "SAFEGUARDING SPORT INTEGRITY" course.

Efraim Barak regularly lectures in several other LLM & Master of Sport Law programs and a professor of Sport Law in various other universities and organizations worldwide including:


  • FIFA Diploma in Football Law 

  • UEFA Football Law Program

  • MESGO - The Executive Master in Global Sport Governance

  • La-Liga Business Scholl program in football & sport law 

  • Real Madrid program on Sport law in collaboration with the European University in Madrid 

  • India.The Sport Management program at the GISB (Global Institution of Sports Business), Mumbai,

  • The Post Graduate Sport Law program at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)


For many years Efraim Barak is involved and promoted the development of the Sport Law education in China and was invited in many occasions to give Model classes in Sport law in various universities.

Efraim Barak is also very much involved either as Member of advisory boards and as a member of the Panels in various Sport Moot Courts projects for Law students and young sport law practitioners. 

Academic Activity
Local Activities(Israel) 

Mr. Barak has often been involved in public initiatives related to Sports Law in Israel where he: 


  • Performed as a member and also as the Chair of the Advising Committee on Statutes and By Laws of the Israeli Football Association.

  • Served as a judge in the Supreme Court of the Israel Basketball Association, 

  • Operated as an external Advisor to a special parliament committee on fighting violence in sports.  

  • He was one of the drafters of the Israeli law for the prevention of violence in sports (“Prohibition of Violence in Sport Act, 2008” ). 

  • Has been for many years as a member of the Committee on Sports law of the Israeli BAR. 

  • Mr. Barak held the position of the General Counsel and Head of the legal department at the Israeli football association, between August 2014 and November 2017. 

  • Efraim barak was a member of a special committee commissioned by the Israel Football Association (2022) to asses and submit a substantial report on fighting violence in Football.

Israel Activities 
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